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Accessory Products

Accessory Products

Accessory Productsskincareproducts

  • used to hold carbon electrodes securely in place with a minimum of skin irritation.
  • Tac Gel is a conductive adhesive for use with carbon rubber electrodes or a small amount may be applied to reusable electrodes to improve adhesion
  • Skin prep forms a moisture free protective surface that improves adhesion of the electrodes while reducing skin irritation and may extend the life of the electrode
     - BSP508001 Bottle Skin Prep 2 oz - $ 12.00
     - TG700200 Tac Gel 50 gram - $ 17.00


  • A variety of lengths and styles of cable are available
     - CA4236 36" Cables - $ 15.00
     - CA4260 60" Cables - $ 19.00


Neurotronics has been a distributor of high quality non-invasive electrotherapy products for Pain Management and Physical Rehabilitation since 1990.


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