iTouch Tone

iTouch Tone

iTouchThe “itouch tone” is a multi-purpose combination unit that offers the latest in electro muscle stimulation and TENS. It is the result of considerable research and represents a new generation in such units.


  • Large selection of muscle stimulation and TENS programs.
    The “itouch tone” is supplied with 8 preset muscle stimulation programs, which can be used for muscle training, well being, massage and beauty.
  • It also has 2 programmes which can have all their parameters - such as frequency, pulse width, ramp up and down, work and rest time - set and saved to your personal needs.
  • There are a further 2 TENS programmes for pain relief, both of which can be set and saved to suit your personal needs.
  • Comfortable Strength Control
  • Each step in strength is very small, only 0.5Ma, thereby maximizing  the comfort level.
  • One Touch Memory Start

The “itouch tone” has intelligent memory allowing it to remember the last program and strength that was used. On start up, at the touch of only ONE button, the “itouch tone” will automatically return to the last program used and to around 75% of the strength. The strength gently “ramps” up to this level. The strength can be stopped at any time by pressing any button. The 75% level takes into account accommodation that the body may have experienced.


Waveform Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic
Amplitude (over 500 ohm load)
Constant voltage 50V zero to peak +ve in steps of 0.25V over
range 470 -2000 Ohm
Constant current over range 0 to 470 Ohm
Total output limited to 25uC per pulse
Output plug Fully shielded: touch proof mini USB
Channels Dual Channel
Batteries 2 x AA Alkaline (Two AA batteries) OR rechargeable NiMH
Weight 90 gms without batteries
Dimensions 110 x 53 x 30 mm

Price $ 350


Neurotronics has been a distributor of high quality non-invasive electrotherapy products for Pain Management and Physical Rehabilitation since 1990.


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