Target TENS

Target TENS

The Target TENS is an accurate and versatile, digital TENS unit that is easy to use, with simple settings and rotating strength control knobs.Target-Tens


Digital Settings

  • Target TENS offers a wide range of settings with simple, intuitive controls. Digital settings are accurate and repeatable.
  • Large LCD display.
    The large, clear LCD display makes its easier for visually impaired to set and operate.
  • Two Burst and two Modulation modes
    Offering a large choice of sensations for long term users
  • Treatment Timer
    Automatically switches the unit off after the set time when activated.
  • Memory
    Reverts to last setting used when switched on.
  • Intensity Lock
    Intensity controls can be locked to avoid accidental change
  • Doctor Locking
    Physician can lock settings to avoid accidental change
  • Power saving
    Unit switches off if left at zero strength for more than 5 minutes
  • Economic
    Uses AA batteries to give long life and low running costs

Price $ 175


Neurotronics has been a distributor of high quality non-invasive electrotherapy products for Pain Management and Physical Rehabilitation since 1990.


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